Robot Coupe – Vegetable Preparation Machine – CL55 Control Hopper

Light use Veg prep machine. Designed for 20 to 40 Cover sites. Free demo available

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Veg prep machine designed for heavy use. Capable of processing 700kg of product. Free demo available. Single phase veg prep machine. Designed for light use. Can grate, slice and jullienne all manner of vegetables and other foodstuffs.


This model is equipped with a pusher feed- head (area : 227 cm2) including a feed tube (Ø 58 mm) and a stainless steel movable stand. The shape of the pusher has been conceived for a better use comfort and for fast processing.
The full size opening head has been specially designed for bulky vegetables such as cabbage or lettuce.
The tube is used for continuous feeding of long or fragile fruit or vegetables.
Robust construction for commercial use.

The optional Stainless Steel mobile stand gives the perfect operating height and accepts standard size gastronorm containers allowing you to prepare large quantity’s with the minimum of fuss.

Power: 750 Watts (single phase) or 900 Watts (3-phase)
Voltage: single or 3-phase
Speed(s): 375 or 375 & 750 rpm
Operating time: up to 700 kg/h
Available discs: 47
Number of covers: 100 to over 500


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